Our Christian greeting card store offers two lines of cards:  Broken Lives cards (signified as BL) and Broken Hearts cards (BH) .  Broken Lives cards reassure those who have made bad choices that the Lord loves them and wants to restore their broken lives.  Broken Hearts cards offer words of comfort, encouragement and hope to those who have suffered broken dreams and broken hearts as a result of a loved one’s bad choices.

You may view our entire selection of cards here.  Or you can click on the Broken Lives or Broken Hearts tabs under the Store tab to view cards in each category.

To view the inside message and scripture, move your cursor over the card and click on the arrows on the right and left side of the card.  Click on each card for more information.

In this store you can also purchase my framed photographs featured on my Divine Inspiration Photography website.  Divine Inspiration Photos feature wildlife and nature photographs which glorify God and his beautiful creations.  Each framed photo includes a card with a scripture and a description of what the subject can teach us about God and how he wants us to live our lives.  Click on the Divine Inspiration Photo tab under the Store tab above to go directly to my photos.  Then click on each photo for more information.  To see a full screen image, click on the photo again.

All greeting card sentiments, photographs and scripture card messages are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in whole or in part by any means whatsoever without written permission.


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