About Our Greeting Card Ministry

We live in a broken world – a world filled with broken lives, broken dreams and broken hearts.  It is a brokenness that results from bad choices.

Watch the news on TV or simply look around at the individuals and families you know, and you will see the dreadful consequences of bad choices: addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, etc.; incarceration; job loss; financial ruin; divorce; tragic accidents; and even death.  Bad choices can forever change people’s lives and the lives of their loved ones.

I worked in church ministry for many years.  One of the lessons I tried to instill in my children and youth is that choices have consequences.  I stressed that in the blink of an eye a single bad choice could forever change their lives and the lives of those who love them.  But of course, young people are not the only ones who make bad choices.  Adults do, too.  And Christians are certainly not immune to making bad choices or suffering their consequences.

When individuals and families that I care about have faced the consequences of bad choices, I looked for Christian greeting cards which would convey my concern and express God’s message of love, hope, encouragement and redemption.  Surprisingly, there were no such cards available.

Therefore, I decided to create my own cards to minister to people who have made bad choices and to those who love them.  Our greeting card ministry offers two lines of cards:  Broken Lives cards and Broken Hearts cards.  Our Broken Lives cards reassure those who have made bad choices that the Lord loves them and wants to restore their broken lives.  Our Broken Hearts cards offer words of comfort, encouragement and hope to those who have suffered broken dreams and broken hearts as a result of a loved one’s bad choices.

I truly believe the Holy Spirit has guided me and that the messages reflect how much God loves us and how much He wants to help us, comfort us, renew us and redeem us.

I hope that you’ll find cards on our website which express exactly what you want to say and what each card’s recipient needs to hear.  Simply click on the Store tab above to view our entire selection of cards.  Or you can click on the Broken Lives or Broken Hearts tabs under the Store tab to view cards in each category.

May God bless you and those in your life who suffer from broken lives, broken dreams and broken hearts.

Kelly Drury